Ah, I actually don’t know where to begin from. As it has almost been twenty-five long years on this earthly planet. The years have flown by and really fast indeed. I have had my own share of ups and downs in life as many of us call it. But at the same time we do need to make amends in our own ways, dust ourselves, pick ourselves up and move on whether good or bad is in store for us.  Let me take you back in time so that you would get to know me.

I do remember my mother telling me that it was one fine afternoon that I came into the tussle and bustle of this earthly world. And from her narration about my birth, I could certainly make out that they were all overwhelmed with joy at that very moment of my birth. I was born in Calicut the town of the Zamorins. But it was not long that I would be transplanted to various other southern states of India as my father was stationed in various places due to the nature of his job. Thus forcing me to join as many as four schools in a short span of six years. It was only after that I was able to study in one school till my twelfth standard at Calicut.

The years spent at Calicut during my formative years has definitely left an indelible impact on my character and my academic background as well. Throughout my stay I was fortunate enough to stay with my grandparents at Calicut. The person who played the most important role in my life was my grandfather. He used to do it in such a subtle but in a loving way indeed. Though those days I used to resent what he used to tell me but coming to think about it now whatever he had told me has really helped me a lot in my life.

I was the only child of my family until the birth of my sister. It was then that our family was complete. Initially I was not able to cope with the presence of another sibling but gradually got used to it. The years later were quite crucial as others would put it. But I was quite carefree on what I would do after my tenth standard. I was doing what I loved the most – scouting, debating, recitation, elocution and the like.

Life had been roller coaster ride from then on. Then into the twelfth (the so-called very crucial years) to degree, post-graduate courses so and so forth. But now I am at the cross roads of life to choose upon the area I love to work. I was searching very hard for it but now my mind is at peace for I have decided what I should become in life. And now starts the treacherous journey in accomplishing those goals in mind. As they say, “To make a beginning start from the ground up”. Keeping that in mind with the blessings of my parents, teachers and friends I am starting my journey.





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